Mobile Applications

Putting the power of visual search onto your smartphone.

Mobile and Ubiquitous

The Mobile Applications team develops apps that help customers shop and search using visual search technology.

We use Visual Search technology to create customer-centric applications that help people discover more about the world around them using a camera phone view. We rely on robust systems infrastructure, and integrate multiple mobile-device signals, such as orientation, location and gestures, into our apps.

Our apps aim to create a magical customer-experience. Designers, Engineers, Product Managers collaborate to incorporate cutting edge vision technology and intuitive UXs with media-rich experiences that are lightning fast, and effortless to use. 

Illustration: Flow Powered by Amazon

A9's Mobile Apps

Flow app icon
   About Flow 

Flow Powered by Amazon uses image recognition to continuously recognize tens of millions of products in a live camera view. Flow offers seamless delivery of information to customers as they use their mobile phones to scan products, barcodes and QR codes.

 Fabulous App Icon   About Fabulous

Fabulous by A9 is a shopping app that lets you browse hundreds of thousands of shoes using visual similarity.  Start with a shoe style you like, then explore similar looking variations until you find the shoe that’s perfect for you. 

We Focus On The Customer

Whether working to integrate feedback from customers who use our apps, or collaborating with internal teams to integrate our technologies into their solutions, we understand our work must be both powerful and easy to use. 

We test extensively during the development process to understand how customers want to use the technology. Testing outcomes drive our iterative process during development. Once an app is released, we keep up with customer feedback, helping us to enhance our apps and services over time.